Rebalancing Calendar


Vinter maintains a public rebalancing calendar to ensure a smooth rebalancing process. It tracks the actions that Vinter needs to undertake in accordance with the published methodologies. The calendar takes the form of a table with the following columns: Date, Event, Ticker and Client.


The events are any of the following:
  • Review Date: On this day, Vinter calculates the new constituents' weights.
  • New Weights Delivery Date: On this day after 5 pm CET, Vinter publishes the new weights.
  • Rebalancing Date: This day represents the last trading day before an index adopts its new weights and constituents.
  • Rebalancing Calendar Update: On this day, Vinter performs the semi-annual review described below.
  • VTAXO Update: Vinter executes the labeling process 6 business days before the last business day of the month.
  • Market Holiday: A non-weekend day during which markets are closed.
  • Review Date (Indicative Weights): On this day, Vinter calculates indicative weights if the review date happened 5 business days sooner.
  • Indicative Weights Delivery Date: On this day after 5 pm CET, Vinter publishes the indicative weights.


There are two types of calendar updates.
  1. 1.
    A semi-annual review during which Vinter identifies events for the upcoming 12 months. It occurs twice a year.
  2. 2.
    Launch reviews which are triggered whenever a new index is launched. In this case, Vinter adds the new index to the calendar.